Conventional wisdom says the two frontmen of a band shouldn’t live on opposite sides of the United States, but that's never seemed to deter Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf.

Goodnight, Texas is a band whose strength lies in unexpected sweet spots. Drawing their name from Pat and Avi’s onetime geographic midpoint (the real town of Goodnight in the State of Texas, a tiny hamlet east of Amarillo directly betwixt San Francisco, CA and Chapel Hill, NC), the four-piece (Pat and Avi with Adam Nash and Scott Griffin Padden) also exists at the center of its songwriters’ contrasting styles — via a 1913 Gibson A mandolin and a 2015 Danelectro, at the crossroads of folk and blues and rock ‘n’ roll, in a place where dry wit and dark truths meet hope and utmost sincerity.

The band’s new EP “The Senseless Age” (out 7/19/19 on 2 Cent Bank Check Records) features five songs that don’t resemble one another: tastes of every facet of the band’s sound over their seven year career.


Avi - Avi is ok

Pat - Pat is cool

Scott - n/a

Adam - He could model probably

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The Senseless Age (EP) (2019)

Conductor (2018)

An Even Longer Life of Living (EP) (2017)

For My Mother's Wedding: Live In The Booth At Third Man Records (EP) (2016)

Uncle John Farquhar (2014)

A Long Life of Living (2012)